Thursday, June 26, 2014

Show Us Your Favorite Throwback Thursday Moment from the Illinois State Fair!

Throwback Thursday and nostalgic memories induced by photos go hand-in-hand. For over 160 years, thousands of people have been creating lifelong memories at the Illinois State Fair. Here at the State Fair, our favorite memories are of all the fun, exciting, and unique things that can be seen here. For example, the famous butter cow has been a tradition at the Illinois State Fair for decades, but did you know that the tradition dates back further? Archaeologists have uncovered animal shaped molds from excavation sits from Babylon to Roman Britain. In ancient Tibet, Buddhist monks would carve figures of animals out of churned yak butter.

What is your favorite Throwback Thursday memory from the Illinois State Fair? Send us your childhood pictures, comment your memories, and share.

The 2014 Illinois State Fair runs from August 7 – 17. 

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