Thursday, July 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Getting Jazzed up for the 1912 Illinois State Fair!

It was at the beginning of a new decade for America. After the Industrial Revolution, the United States transitioned into the period known as the Progressive Era which lasted from 1895 till the 1920’s. It was a time of unrest and reform. In the 1910’s, labor unions grew as the middle class became increasingly unhappy. Accidents and unsafe working conditions in factories added to the turmoil of the decade. This decade was the beginning of reform for the future of the American people.

In Springfield, we celebrated the 1912 Illinois State Fair Friday, October 4 through Saturday, October 12. On October 7, Horace Kearney crashed his Curtis biplane from a height of 100 ft. During the same day, Chuck Wilkerson of Springfield went up in a hot air balloon and made a successful parachute jump. Unfortunately, his balloon burned the next day. The Governor, and candidate for President, Woodrow Wilson spoke at the Illinois State Fair on October 9.

In 1912, these important historic events also took place:
Jan 6 – New Mexico became the 47th state.
Feb 14 – Arizona joined the United States as the 18th state.
March 12 – Girl Guides (later to be known as Girl Scouts) formed in Savannah, Georgia by Juliette Gordon Low
April 10 – RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton, England for her first and last voyage.
April 15 – RMS Titanic sank at 2:27 AM off the coast of Newfound after hitting an iceberg. As the ship sinks, the band played on.
Oct 14 – Bull Moose Party candidate, Theodore Roosevelt, is shot while campaigning in Milwaukee.
Oct 18 – The first of the Balkan Wars began.
Nov 5 – Woodrow Wilson defeats Theodore Roosevelt and Pres. Taft to become the next United State President.

Nov 25 – The American College of Surgeons incorporated in Springfield, Ill.  

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