Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Let's Talk About FAIR FOOD..... Yum!

This year, the Illinois State Fair is going to feature a plethora of new food vendors. While the traditional vendors are phenomenal, it is always a pleasure to add new and exciting foods to the Illinois State Fair. 
This year at the fair, you will be able to taste a host of new and old foods. Some of the new foods include items such as: potato pancakes, buffalo snack sticks, BBQ ribs, hot links, and mushroom ragu. 
There are many more new food items, and we even have a list available on our website --- it's sure to whet your appetite! 
So make your list today of all the food you want to try at the 2015 Illinois State Fair.  Remember to come with an empty stomach!! We'll see you, and your appetite, at the Illinois State Fair! 

Check out the new food items at the 2015 Illinois State Fair:

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